[WatchFace] P107 - Transistor


It took some pain and suffering to get the text on this watch to be dynamic. Moving the AM/PM along with much of the other text for each potential case was quite a task. I left it open for inspection if you want to check out how things move.

Some of the complications:
Hour Text - I wanted smaller width text to flow in line with other text items. On longer text like “ELEVEN” the text would bleed off the side. So I added a conditional to shift the text over on the X-Axis to show the full text
Icons/Dim Side - this in turn created an issue with overlap on the DIM side information. I made all of these dynamic as well to shift left for longer text.
Minutes and AM/PM - I don;t even know where to begin to describe what I did. All I know is it works (I hope). When minutes are less than 10, I wanted it to read “'O”. For a hard hour, I had to add in a conditional for " 'O Clock". Then there are times when numbers are single words. Like all the tens, or teens. Ugh it was a nightmare.

Anyway bask in the awesomeness. Let me know what you think.