[Watchface] Phoenix.Balls.of.Steel - something different!

I’ve had this “figure 8 - 24h” idea for a few weeks now and finally got round to making it. Let me know what you guys think:


I love the idea and the execution of it! You’ve probably seen the watch that uses the balls in tracks in place of conventional hands? (your figure 8 is much cooler) . There’s also an absolutely amazing watch by Genus Watches that uses a crazy figure 8 complication. If you haven’t seen it… google

Very nice!

Thanks @kvansant, @GAUSS !

Yeah way before I had a smartwatch I saw some cheap magnetic balls watch on ali express :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d not seen that yet, that shit looks crazy lol. I’m just a 24h guy, so that’s the main reason I made it an 8. Also, I like figuring shit out with facer math-wise, so this stuff is fun to work on.

Nice, I like it.
I also enjoy playing with math on Facer, but my graphics skills often let me down on the execution side…

Yeah, the design “idea” is usually worked out pretty quickly, the texturing and photoshop work is a lot more tedious. I need to get better at shading.

I like this a lot. The overall methodology seems quite simple but is well executed.

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Thanks, I might just use this as my first publish