[WatchFace] Phoenix.Incomming -> renamed, tweaked and published

My attempt at a radar watch face. Minimalist design with only showing hours (12 or 24) and minutes.


I love the phoenix in the background. The hand glow is a little much for me and the time is hard to read, but the concept is epic. :+1:

Thanks! The glow is less “in your face” on my watch, and the text is better readable on the watch too. I was looking for a balance between functional, but not too intrusive.
I might play around with it some more.

Made the font a bit bigger and the hand a bit more narrow

Renamed it to Phoenix.Incomming, as a reference to Rage’s 1998 game Incomming. Also added “hands” in dim mode and the logo. Now published:


That’s cool! I like that the time is integrated into the radar, so it’s not just an arbitrary animation effect. Hands in dim seems like a good move.