[WatchFace] Phoenix.Leather.Face - a 24h face... with leather! -> updated and published!

Another idea I’ve been sitting on for a while now, a 24h face, with leather… Phoenix.Leather.Face:

I’ve been debating an LCD in the bottom half, but everything I tried just made me come back to the current design. Let me know what you think!


Looks great! Sometimes editing yourself is the hardest part.

I like this.

You should be able to “somehow” display the date in the bottom half, but finding a “somehow” that fits with the rest of the design is the difficult part…

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Simple et efficace donc parfait.
Manque juste la date effectivement

It looks good! I feel like it might be a little hard to read on the smaller watch screen but I tend to feel that way about a lot of designs I see. I agree a date window at 6 could look compatible, but I think a larger LCD display might be too much.

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Looks good, I particularly like the dim mode face.

Thanks all!
I will have a look at adding a date at some point, for now I’m giving this one a rest.

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Revisited this one. Added an LCD and updated the graphics. Changed the dim mode leather a little as well:

Now published!


the LCD panel is a nice addition. I like the leather tacks too! I found you a Summit 1 on ebay for $650 btw. :crazy_face:

Does this mean you’re buying?

This looks so damn good - nice job @ThaMattie

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