[Watchface] Phoenix.Time.Vortex - round and round we go

“Time.Vortex” is a concept I’ve had in my head for a while now.

  • Hour dial shows 12h and indicates 24h on the large outer ring
  • Minutes dial shows minutes and seconds
  • The battery charge is reflected in the Vortex’s rotation speed

Let me know what you think!


I really dig the conformal rotation for the battery indicator.

I like it! I’ve been working on a Ressence design for the contest they are currently having, the orbiting dials kind of bring that to mind. I made a design last year with orbiting dials too. Haven’t brought that one to Facer yet though. The battery level/rotation speed is a nice touch.

I’ve been wondering, what exactly are we looking at in your logo?

Very nice - I really like the concept and the deep colour with the animated overlay!

thanks @ircrotale, @kvansant, @mikeoday

The logo is a phoenix with its wings forward