[WatchFace] Pixel Black Inspired WatchFace!

1st attempt, comment welcome!

Bigger font on Weather
Bigger font on Time (when Dim)

Thank you for the suggestion, updated orginal post!

Thats totally not bad for your first try!! Keep it up!

Great start Micheal!

Nice logical use of space, balance through a grid of elements…

Next up, try something a little less ‘off-the-peg’. You could look at exploring different fonts (lots of free resources out there), try creating your own icons (GIMP is a free software like photoshop). Don’t forget to ‘study’ what some of the more experienced designers are publishing here… there’s lots to learn by exploring how they invent on a 360px canvass. Keep it up mate!

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Notice the weather does not update every hour, or every few hours.
Is there something I need to define for it to update automatically?

I think it depends on the app and the setting in the app.

Lol, honestly, its better than your ‘Pacman’… Sorry, mate.