[WatchFace] Pixel Weather - Hand Made

Very clean, minimalist design with handcrafted weather icons (made pixel by pixel). Weather icons for day and night are available. Take a look and let me know what you think!


A+ on the pixel art. I notice the rain and moon appear animated. Is there some logic around that?

Neat design!
How can I change the temperature to display in Celsius if I’m using iPhone Facer?

Thanks @eradicator09. They appear animated but they are not. They represent different #WCCI# states (cloudy, very cloudy, super cloudy, light rain, downpour :P) That being said, it would be a neat idea to animate them. I’ll give it a try.

Hi @ngcoke. Glad you like the design. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone so I am not sure how this works there. On Android there is an option in the Facer App that allows you to switch between F and C for the temperature. That being said, there is currently a BUG where the temperature unit switches randomly.

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Great Work!

Updated to v1.1 with user setting for hour (12/24) and clearer icons, especially for the night time weather.

Updated to v2.0 with lots of changes in this one!

  • New, even more pixely font
  • New weather icons for dim mode (still hand made, pixel by pixel!)
  • Steps and distance info (switching every 2 seconds) - distance is calculated based on steps, ~1300 steps / km

Let me know what you think!