[Watchface] Pure visuality

Getting old :cry: and having problems to read my watch without having glasses on.
So I created this one with two faces (one simple analog watch and an additional information display) that change every 5 seconds.
All Infos are good readable, number values are big enough.

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I will help you place a link to your watch face a little bit :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. How did you do that?
I was looking in the community help pages and couldn’t find any information.

Just place the watch face link address on a separate line


And it will show up just like @lucky.andrei’s did.

And only use the https :// www. facer .io/ (address) with no spaces.
Don’t include the ? mark or anything behind it. Also don’t include the /inspect or /edit if they are showing.

This gave me a chuckle, as I am also having this problem these days. Can’t see anything without my reading glasses on. I like your solution! :+1:

Thank you. Maybe you’ll like another similar watchface (my previous one) that I created for readability. :nerd_face:

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This is how overcome the “Older Eyes Syndrome” that I have. I just make it big and multicolored. Helps to be able to pick out what I need to know from everything else.

Yellow is always time (or white or black as needed) and blue tends to be weather related.

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this is my project to help the “Older Eyes Syndrome”


Good to know that, when my time comes, readability is taken care of :older_man:

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