[Watchface] REACTOR

Hello guys i’m new here , first time posting … i would like hear your opinions !


Very nice. Great design and I love the animation. Well done!

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Thumbs up…

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Great Design and great idea.
You clearly have talent.

I would change the numbers for the hours though, they are a little hard to read

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yeah man , i really which we have higher resolution screens on our watches the original resolution of my graphics are 2000 x 2000 pixels


That does look AMAZING, its an incredible watch.

Maybe too much work for a 300x300 pixel screen :wink:

The attention do details is excellent, great job

I really like it, Its right up my street. Weirdly I only discovered and starting followong you yesterday :smiley:

I like your style, it’s like your in my head except you have the skills.

glad u like it brother , if you have a concept you need help with maybe i can do it for you !

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Welcome to the forum my friend, your gonna fit right in :wink:

Wow, very cool indeed.

Wow! Stunning work! I like!

Another master of Facer has arrived, compliments excellent animation

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Coming from a master creator ! i feel honored :bow:

thank you sir for your kindest words !

Well, no need to feel honoured. You are very talented and do have a lot of cgi skills! Keep up the great work! You already have a lot of very cool faces on your profile page.

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