[Watchface] rebuild: Starry Night Gyro Parallax

ok @Tomas, @Facer_Official,
My Starry Night face is now using the accelerometer.

I opted for the X direction instead of Y (raise and lower your elbow instead of twisting your wrist front and back). The effect is very subtle so I also limited the travel trigger. The entire range of accelerometerRawX() is spread across 7 layers on the left (negative values) and on the right (positive values).

If you’re wearing your watch on your left wrist, raise your elbow and the world slips to the right. Lower your elbow and the world slips to the left. Again, it’s a subtle movement so I limited the complete range of images between RawX() = -3 and 2.6. with a wider stall point in the middle between -0.6 and 0.6


hehe :+1: