[ Watchface ] Red Carpet Premiere

Ok, this is a weird origin story, but the inspiration for this came from the opening flash animation for chick-fil-a (https://one.chick-fil-a.com)

I figured it went with all the other movie/film themed stuff I have for the eventual collection I’ll put together.


So cool love it

Nice job! You’re so creative it kills me. One question though. Do you use Photoshop at all?

I used to at my old job, now I’m using GIMP at the new one.

Other fun programs I’ve used: Adobe After Effects, 3DMax, Unity, etc


Ok cool. I know what gimp is but I’ve never used it. I’m guessing that it has something similar to photoshop that might help you. I was thinking that if you added a monochromatic “noise” filter to your carpet it would look a bit more realistic. Not sure if that translates to gimp speak but if it does then you should try it out and see what you think about it.