[WatchFace] Renault Logo

Hi there,

Here’s my first watchface. Love to read your comments so I can improve myself





Just a comment

Is Renault and you should try to make the font in bold

Other than that… nice watch, keep it up :+1:

Thanks for the feedback. Title was a typo… I fix it and changed the font to bold!!!

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Looks great

Good job

What made you place the weather icon there? Isn’t it blocking the line of the logo?

Does this reddish pink have special significance to you or to the Renault brand? Is this watch face themable?

Is the logo a little off-center to the left? I actually prefer the spacing on the right side. If the logo were a little smaller, could the spacing on the left be made to match the right? Are the 9 and 11 clashing with the lines of the logo?

If this is an official logo, are we permitted to use registered brand logos in our designs? I’m not trying to be obnoxious, but am curious. What are the guidelines?

Hi Linlay@
In publishing anything we are subject to copyright compliance, though the playing field for the free designer pool is a bit “anything goes”. For the premium designers, watch face designs pass through a formal QA audit (that includes brand/copyright checks) before being published in the Facer store.

Personally, even though I may replicate or “be influenced by” (pay tribute to… ,etc), I always try to make my designs my own in some way.

Yes, knock-offs are always a huge business - look at Orris watches which closely resemble Rolex. Even Tudor watches are very close knock-offs - and they’re owned by Rolex lol.


Thanks for the feedback, I will look into it!

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Thanks for the info, John. I was aware of the general copyright rule here, but needed some clarification. Apologies to @b.kokkelmans for taking this off topic.

No problem