Watchface resetting and Main app issue

Since last 2 updates, my Facer watchface gets reset to the Facer default one whenever I put the watch to charge, I have to re-select the watchface I want to use after I take it out of the charger.
Also, the main Android app has an issue that’s been going on for at least 2 months now, it logs me out without me even knowing it, just like that, spontaneously.

Oddly enough I too have noticed some of these issues as of late.

Hi @JBolho and @Orion - can you confirm Facer resetting to the default face is still an issue with Facer 5.1.2 which was released last week? This should have fixed the issue but we’d love for you to confirm.

Thank you @Facer_Official I haven’t seen this issue since the update!

The watchface resetting is apparently solved, sorry for the late feedback. The main app logging out by itself however, still persists.

@JBolho thanks! Have you noticed any pattern in what you may be doing right before you get logged out in the main app?

No, no pattern at all, seems either random or time-based. On 2 occasions I was looking at my home screen and suddenly saw the “toast” message saying I was “logged out successfully”, and it was Facer. Really weird.