[Watchface] Ressence Type 1 - blue concept

Published with the kind permission of Ressence Watches. https://ressencewatches.com/

In May 2020 the innovative Ressence watch brand held a contest where entrants were asked to design their version of the Ressence Type 1 watch. A single watch was to be made from the winning design and auctioned off to raise money for Covid-19 research. The contest was widely publicized in all the major watch blogs and social media channels. B Sharp submitted two of the 466 entries, but sadly these were perhaps more ambitious to create than what they had in mind.

But still, I had a lot of fun designing my versions and very much appreciate Ressence allowing me to share them here on Facer!

The movement of this watch face is exactly the same as the real Ressence Type 1 watch.

The central dial is the minutes hand, the large sub dial displays the hours, the open-worked small sub dial is the seconds, the 3rd sub dial is the day of the week. The day of the week hand also sort of functions as a day/night indicator as the hand progress through each of the segments representing the days of the week in 24 hours. (the two darker segments represent Sat/Sun)

As with all B Sharp faces, it is drawn 100% from scratch in Photoshop

search #watchesagainstcovid19 for more info on the contest and cause!



impeccable as always !


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Thanks @ZerocoolCorporation ! I would have loved to have seen this one made by Ressence!

I had no idea ‘guilloche’ envy existed, until now…