[WatchFace] Revolution v100 - Orakix's Premier Premium Face

Today is the day I officially became a Premium Designer. To celebrate I would like to give you all a first look at the new face that I will be publishing here very soon. Thank you to everyone that has helped me get to this point.

With over 500,000 combinations there is a combo for everyone.
keep in mind not all combos look good together


Wow!!! The amazing work we all knew you were destined to accomplish. Simply amazing.

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Again: Congratulations to becoming premium. You truly deserved it!

And this watchface is very nice!

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Inspiring! Nice work!

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@chadwgraves37 @GAUSS @cth4242
Thank you all so much. I’m glad I can continue to improve and you enjoy the process.

Congrats for the premium status!

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Thank you so much, I appriciate it.

Another golden star lit up in Facer’s firmament, congratulations.

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looks great! nice ad materials

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Here’s the actual published face so you can see it in action. Thank you again for everyone’s support.