[Watchface] Revolution

Ok, So i changed the needle to stay red unlike the other variants of this face. It sits better with a static colour against the engine.Engine now glows red instead when your bpm exceeds 100. I quite like the results…I think?


Hi Mate i did a bit off editing for fun last night and came up with this image if you like it take it and use it i have no use for it but it looked quite cool


Oh forgot to say its all my work so no copyrights to worry about ok

Does look good. I’ll have a play mate and see how it looks in place :slight_smile:
Thank you

Should still consider the Harley Davidson logo though.

I would clear it through Harley-Davidson Corporation before adding the HD logo. Even if you made this particular logo graphic, it is still a derivative of the trademarked logo. It doesn’t matter if you are making money on the art, the intellectual property owner has the right to say when the logo (and all derivatives) is displayed or distributed.

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Ha ha @dazstacey,

Used a tweaked version of the Balance wheel code you shared to animate the engine :smiley:

cool well done

Bet it stops working 5 miles down the road :slight_smile: