[WatchFace] Rugged Blue v 1.0

Hi All,

I’ve just released Rugged Blue and would love some comments and feedback.
I’m sure to revisit the dials as i’m looking at pampering them up with some Graphical representations as I strongly believe that the whole interconnected interface can manage the clutter pretty well.

Enjoy and awaiting your feedbacks.

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The layout is fine so far, only the 24h bezel is wrong. (24 on top, reading directio of the numbers)

You should add more 3d look (shadows, gradients…)

Wanted to reach out to you in the 24hrs dial as I’ve tried high and low and meant to contact you in this regard. Can you help ? Will look at the shadows and gradients in the next version. Lastnight spend few hours on separating my illustrator and pad files for each watch :slight_smile:

As fas as i can see you have to rotate the bezel that 24 is on 12 o‘clock position. Numbers are normally read from right and below. How can i help you furthermore?

What is function for the hour rotation of 24hrs dials ?

The function is: #DWFHS#

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Do you need a dial template?