[Watchface] Runners Edge III: IF... Then... Elseif... Then... Elseif (just one more time)

Okay okayyyyyyyyy, I concede.

I’m not sure why I keep challenging these nested if-then-else conditions after you guys have told me, what… 20 times now? I totally get the single condition only format in each level …still, I thought I’d take just one… more… lap… around with the dim mode minutes on my Runners Edge III. Each of my hour numerals is a large PNG that covers most of the dim mode face. I thought I’d take a crack at having the minutes float just to the lower right of the hours as the width of the hour PNGs varies.

I didn’t bother with every numeral…

  • I had one x and y placement if #Dh# was 10 or bigger (10, 11, & 12)
  • one x and y placement when #Dh# = 1
  • one x and y placement when #Dh# = 7
  • an “else” placement for all the other numbers

Something like: y= $#Dh#>=10?245:$$#Dh#=1?225:$$#Dh#=7?231:240$. The same thing for x. It all worked perfectly in the Creator and in previews so I published the face and have been wearing it for a while. I rarely look at my watch at work and we go to bed very early (for work) so I rarely look at my actual watch between 10:00 and 12:59 LOL.

It took a few days for me to notice that no minutes were displaying in dim mode between 10:00 and 12:59. That’s the only condition with the ‘>’ sign and that’s the one that fails on the actual watch.

Oh well. I changed the design and republished. So that’s it. Nests work if all the conditions are single tests and they must all be flat comparisons (equals=) only.

…and now I promise to never bring it up again. :dizzy_face: :+1: