[WatchFace] Run'n'Jump

Is it possible to play with a smartwatch?

It is not the first game I try to make in Facer but maybe it’s my best.
Of course it is difficult to create a gameplay, count points, verify situations when you do not have a real language and everything is based on individual formulas but I think I have approached a nice result.
What do you think about it?


Saw this before, but looks like you made some changes. Only problem I see is that I can’t see the oncoming potholes when the car is up in the air, and obviously couldn’t do anything about it if I could see them.

Of course …
You have to slow down to have better view
It is impossible to jump over every hole
It is just a simple game

Can’t I just send a message to the Dept of Transportation to fill the potholes? :sunglasses:


The game-engine in “open” to different solutions…