[WatchFace] Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (28.1mm/1.1in)

Looking at what design changes or elements are needed to adapt to:

  • 360x360 display, but only 28.1mm (1.1in) across
  • no bezel (so needs whitespace at edges)
  • probably appeals to younger audience, due to size / price point (? $200 USD)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 40mm (28.1mm/1.1in display)

  • black
  • silver
  • green
  • rose gold


Taking it further, after testing on Galaxy Watch Active …

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And, adapting an existing original design …

30mm (display)

28.1mm (display)

So, I got a Galaxy Active, I tested my 640x640 design and it seemed nice on it. Tried it on a friend’s Galaxy Watch (Not active) and it looked much more sharp on the shadows, round corners, details, etc.

Can you detail all the adjustments you had to make for better details on Galaxy Active?

Thanks in advance!