[WatchFace] Sarala XV by Marauder Elite Designs


I just published this new watch face, the Sarala XV. I hope you all enjoy this sporty design!


I like it: nice and clean.

It looks great! @mark4 and it has a really nice dim mode. Congratz

Very nice design!

Thank you!

Thanks! I’m glad you like the dim mode.


Very nice, I do enjoy this piece. Good job.

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Thank you! Always good to hear from a Premium Designer. :grin:

You’re welcome. I may or may not be, but definitely am, a sucker for red and white. :wink:

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Your designs are very nice! I just had few free minutes so I was looking through your work. I also noticed you were one of the winners of the last Ticwatch contest. The win was well deserved. :grin::+1:

Awe, well thank you. I’m glad you enjoy my work. I believe you also followed me, Thank you for that as well. I hope I can continue to make faces you enjoy.

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