[WatchFace] SciFi - a WIP

Not really sure where I am going with this one.

I was trying to create a “Tron” inspired face but I’m not really happy with it yet :frowning:

The hands are from my latest shared set: 3D Arrow Hands - Set 3


Nice! The Tron look is hard to nail, its like solid white then a slight glow of blue on the outer edges.



Thanks @Rator. I’ll have to keep working at it - the image is a big help, thanks!


It’s a good start. If I may suggest, you could take a look at all the various color combinations used in the Tron uniforms. There are various hues of yellows and oranges used as highlights in addition to the blues.

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Thanks, it is a good suggestion - I’ll keep working on it.

Happy to help, I love Tron, and actually, looking at it again, if you just fill the elements you have with white (leaving the blue outline), you might be able to call it a day.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a go!


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Looks really cool! Maybe use the “Tron” disc with glow for sub dials in the top of the watch…

Great Job!

Enjoy, ~Sirhc

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Thank you - I think it still has a way to go and using the disc could look good!