[WatchFace] SDF-1

Hello all. Was inspired to make this face by looking back at classic analog watch face designs as well as @GAUSS and his Puristic design. Hope you all like it. Still making adjustments. I need to make it with higher resolution though. Thank you.


Amazing work!!

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Wow! Looks very good! Very slick!

Thank you! It means a lot! I want to switch from using PowerPoint to using photoshop soon. I think that will help with the quality and resolution of my designs.

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You‘re welcome, really good work! And a good decision to use photoshop in future - it‘s pure magic what you can achieve with it…

Yeah I have seen your work haha. Any tips on starting a watch face design in photoshop? I am taking a basic image enhancement class using photoshop class but not quite sure how to start a watch face design in there.
Thank you!

Well - its not easy to explain PS, it is a very complex program with thousands of possibilties, far complexer than powerpoint. Which version will you use? First rule: create single layers. Working with layer is important. You can give every layer special effects like 3d-effects, gradients, drop shadows and so on… I would read some basic tutorials and watch some tutorial movies when you‘re totally new to it.

It’s true it is very complex, learning some basics at the moment and utilizing layers. Using CS5. Will have to try to find some good tutorials. Hopefully there will be ones for watch faces. If not there should be.

Yes. Complexivity is the real name of the program. :slight_smile: i am working with it since 15 years and even i don‘t know all possibilities… but don‘t let this bother you, just try out and use your creative mind.