[WatchFace] SDF-4

New design I’m currently working on and testing. Thoughts or areas for improvement? Thank you!

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Very nice so far but the upper area is to empty and the gradient too heavy. Why not build an digital display or a big moonphase in the free area? The gradient on the outer bezel doesn‘t match to the inner illumination. The watch hands need more contrast for a 3d depth look, may be a liitle bit more chrome/silver look. I personally would mirror the analog step counter bezel. Left=low, right=high value.

Echoing the same thoughts… the top area is just too empty in comparison to the packed lower half.

Also the thin red is difficult to see. If you keep the red I’d suggest picking a thicker/bolder font. Similarly, your logo could be bigger/thicker. You can always increase the transparency so that it is viewable but doesn’t stand out (if that makes sense).

Or like phantasico says add a moon phase/digital area/weather to the top.

The design kind of lends itself to a road design. The colors resemble asphalt, and you could add a double yellow paint line up top to suggest a road. The dials being vehicle indicators, white, gray and red also lend themselves to that theme.

Thank you @GAUSS and @cth4242! I will start implementing those changes. I have been meaning to do a moon phase at some point. Any suggestions on good ways of doing so? Haven’t done a moon phase yet. Also any help with a better texture for the upper area (obviously the are will shrink after adding a moon phase). I had just wanted a good black texture there.

Design has been updated! Hopefully this looks even better. I definitely feel it is an improvement.

Very nice analogue watch!

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Thank you @babak