[WatchFace] Sherlock

Hi All,

I present my new watchface 100% analogic.
I hope you will enjoy it.

I didn’t publish it yet. So feel free to share your advices !

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Pretty cool and unique design. I like the background pattern. One thing I could say is to add some icons that indicate what each meter is for. Bottom numbers could be a little hard to read once on a smaller watch screen. I like it though. Well done!

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Good effort.

You could also try to up the contrast (or shadow/texture) on the hands. …

Thanks @Orion !
I will rework the bottom numbers with bigger font and add icons for steps, battery and probably sunset/sunrise hours.

Thanks @andrew.dowden. I will tests other settings for the light effets on the hands.

new settings for the light/shadow and bigger bottom numbers which are now in White … hope it will be more readable on smaller watch … !
Instead of icons, I have added the units (°C, Steps, %) and Sunrise/sunset indications near the corresponding hands.

This is pretty fantastic although the numbers are still hard to read for me. I had to zoom in on my phone to understand. Maybe if you took out the “,000” and put K instead it could be a bit easier to read on the step counter. Also might I suggest making the background of the battery/steps meter white like you did with the sunrise/set in the middle with black lettering. It would still keep the watch theme but bring out even more contrast.

Keep in mind these are only suggestions from my point of view, only make these changes if they make you happy!
Keep up the good work!

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Thanks @Orakix !!!
I followed your advices. I hope numbers are more readable now but I’m still not fully satisfied with the background and the dark/light effect. I will come back on it later…
… And I finally kept the “.000”, just a personal preference :wink: