[WatchFace] Simple Blue v1 Weather

Updated a popular design to include weather. I would like your thoughts before I Publish it.

Thank you for any feed back…good or bad!!


I really like this one! Large, easy to read and useful information. Maybe add the Battery percent on the dim mode? That could just be a personal preference. Looking forward to using this face. Would also match well with my blue gear sport.:grin:

I always don’t know what to include on dim mode…i added more stuff on dim mode now, let me know what you think

I really like it. I usually will see my watch face before it is out of dim mode so having that info at a quick glance in my opinion is nice. Any way of increasing the size of the face, as in tic marks? I know at least for my gear sport since it has a slightly smaller screen that having a face that goes pretty much out to the edges is effective. Could do a version of both larger and the size it is. I know HaDe did the same with his XA series. Just my thoughts.

I made them a little bigger, wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to the edge or not, I will try both out and see which one works better.

I think it looks great.

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*Published now

I like it, very clean and elegant. Good job!