[Watchface] Simples

Not really a showcase but another very quick simple one because they seem to be popular. I’m intrigued to find the sweet spot between simple but clever, ie before the simple folk lose interest :slight_smile:


lol, you cant win. you try to contribute to the seemingly popular clean colorful digital designs and my first request within minutes was i would wear this if it hands :scream:

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I feel your pain, bro. My suggestion, if I may make one, is to let it ride for a couple of days to see what other types of comments and requests pop up.

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It’s art. We make art.

You can’t redo your art because someone thinks your art would be more appealing to them if it had X, Y or Z. In the case where something is either forgotten or broken, that’s a different story.

If someone has a request or opinion about one of my faces, I DO take it into consideration, however, if I change it for that user, what about the other 999 users that have that face and did NOT request the change? That would upset them since they downloaded the face because they liked it as it was.

Many times users will have good ideas and I try to incorporate those into upcoming designs.


I wouldnt mind making a small chamge and uploading a second version of a watch if someone asks me nicely, but then again i dont have as many syncs as you guys

If a user requests a functionality change, I might make that change if it doesn’t impact other users who downloaded it. For example if it’s a choice and it’s not forced on them.

Ive had and made many changes for requests, in fact my Nightingale design was a request. Its her that requested the above :slight_smile:

So I caved :smiley:

I definitely like the digital one more.
Try changing the radar for a different color, I don`t think red is the best option.

In photoshop with just applying “Color Overlay” effect you should have it.

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If you are going for simple you might want to experiment with a non-flashing heart image. Some people don’t like anything constantly flashing at them.

I’ve had people tell me they wanted this or that. I’ve spent hours doing a Version 2 just to their specifications, but they never returned to pick it up. At the moment I have one design sitting in drafts that was victim of that.

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Good to know. Thank you :slight_smile: