[Watchface] Sirius

Been working on this design the last few days. Had some inspiration from @jean-pierre.verbesse and @carlosfilippa with their faces Broken Too and Fall(en Leaves). Also wanted to do a design like this based on my designer name. Been trying to perfect a few things. It has a falling stars animation on wake leaving just the Orion constellation. Any thoughts or critisism would be helpful. Thank you! Hope you all like it.


Nicely done!

Thank you! Working on some new text right now so updates to come.

I have updated all the text. Thoughts? Also debating on having the stars drop and stay at the bottom on wake or have the stars rise from the bottom and stay up on wake. Thoughts?
Thank you.

This design seems to be working here in the forums but it’s not working in my feed in the app. The digital time doesn’t show up at all and the stars fall and when the animation ends the stars go back up to the sky.

Yeah I can’t figure out why that is. I put in each layer for the digital time as I made the font myself. Not sure if that has to do with it. And online and on the watch the stars fall and stay at the bottom. Might have something to do with timing of black background coming in to cover the falling star sequence. Thoughts?