[Watchface] Skylark Tourbillon - Slate

As promised, the slate version of Skylark Tourbillon is now published. I hesitate to say, because I really like the original blue/rose gold color scheme, but I think this may look even better.

Future paid version will/would include both color themes and possibly a third plus selectable Hybrid Mode to display essential smart watch info.

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Hey KV, saw you are a ‘featured’ contributor… forgive me (I’m sure you’ve had this before), but I wanted to say congrats - your work should be seen - it deserves it. Cheers R

Thanks Richard, I saw at least one of yours too. :slight_smile: Nice that they are dipping into us commoners a little bit. I found it a bit odd that they would choose the one and only ladies watch I’ve made but not include any of the nearly 100 others in their Analog feature since that’s kind of my specialty :thinking:. But i guess it’s better than nothing! …and I got a lot of new lady followers today :slight_smile:

Yup,I thought the same about my ‘selection’, but they’ve got to pay for the servers - and those that created the system. I don’t envy the delicate job of finding ‘fresh’ while stoking the sync of ‘old’…

It is what it is…

But now you’re visible!

Better than lost an the ever descending position, drowned by a cascade of purple butterflies with a poorly chosen typeface positioned by a guide-dog! :wink: