[WatchFace] SM - Stoney Wear

A little bit of everything to give ya whatcha need…

Still very new at designing so feedback is greatly appreciated!


I’m looking forward to trying this one. Love the little dude walking. You should
Bmake a whole range just featuring him :grinning:

Be great if his status reflected yours. Ie only walks when you do. Rests when you do. Even sleeps. Perhaps even runs lol

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That is actually already implemented into my Kokiri watch. Just waiting for gifs to allow tags on the transparency. He’ll run faster as your BpM go up.


Love it, and will check it out. Also following now :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble getting my watch to sync correctly. The last thing I added was text just below the weather symbol. In the facer app it’s showing correctly but each time I sync it only shows for a split second then disappears. Is anyone else having this issue?
The text should read #Dz# and display “EDT” but I’m getting a flash right when the watch wakes then nothing…

UPDATE: Everything appears to be in order. I added a “cuckoo” to my watch… set your time machine to 4:20 for a hidden surprise