[ Watchface ] Soundwave.. Superior!

Went back to my roots with this one… when I first started here I made Transformer watches because there was a severe shortage of them. So, with each watch, I’d explore something new and keep it themed to Transformers.

Anyways, long story short, I made a watch for my favorite character with some of the things I’ve learned since then. OnWake animation, interpAccel movement, fade in/out, etc. The tape actually “works” over the course of an hour, and because someone actually pointed out that another designer’s watch was spinning the wheels in the wrong direction – I made sure to make sure mine is working properly :smiley:

If only I could have it rewind/fast forward with interactivity :smiley:


Nice!! Next level - Make the cassette drop into he case, close the lid and then start playing :open_mouth:

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Now you just need some handwriting on the cassette “My 70’s Mix Tape!”

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