[WatchFace] SpaceShip

I wanted to add more animations of course, but since I now go to meetings of anonymous animators and on the advice of @kvansant I decided to limit myself.


Great colors! I like the design too, and I think it works best like this with the information staying still. But I still caution anyone about taking advice from me on digital designs :see_no_evil::grin:

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Thanks :rofl: @kvansant

Needs more cowbell! (cowbell=animations) lol. Curious to see what it looked like before you removed the animations. I like the design a lot though!

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Circular indicators made small eleptical movements. But Facer Creator did not want to record this version in any way, it was freezing all the time. That’s why I think that Providence intervened here :joy:

oh well, regardless, it’s cool!