[WatchFace] Stained Glass #1 - Published :)

A unique and modern watch face with classical styling that you can colour and configure to suit your watch and your taste.

Tap the centre of the face to briefly display the user guide and to unlock the user controls for colour theme, watch glass, dial brightness and second hand configuration.

Available now!



Everything is somehow cheerful, summer has come :whale:

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That’s very nice Mike! I’ve always like Koi watches. There is a spectacular Piece Unique Parmigiani Fleurier with koi dial. Also Arnold and Son have a beautiful koi watch. I’ve actually wanted to design one too but I don’t have the freehand drawing skills to paint the dial as I imagine it. I need my shape tools in PS :slight_smile:

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nice one!

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Thanks @kvansant and @ThaMattie, much appreciated!

Hey Mike, 2 questions… What is the watch with the SS case in the first promo pic? If that’s a smart watch, that’s the one I need to get! Also, did you draw paint the water garden scene? Just curious… as I said, I don’t have those drawing skills. There’s an old unheralded Microsoft program called “watercolor” that may not be available any more, it was packaged with one of the versions of Windows I’ve used over the years, but it really made incredibly realistic watercolor renderings out of photos. I used it to make some “watercolors” out of some of my photography of flowers to do a flower themed face a couple of years ago.

Hi there,
Do you recall which version of Windows that was included in? I remember MS Paint with a watercolor brush, but don’t remember anything called “watercolor”.

I feel like it was the first version of Windows 10 I had, but not positive. I had to rebuild my PC last year and the app is not on my current build. I’ll see if I can dig up where to find it.

@Linlay found it. The name is Waterlogue now it’s a $4 app in the Microsoft app store. There are other apps designed to do something similar, but this one stands out, the results are very realistic.

Ok, thanks, I thought you meant that it was a Microsoft product.

It’s been a while, I was remembering wrong. I now recall that I found it in an article somewhere about “top 5 photo apps” in the Windows store (or something like that) it was free back then. But I’d happily pay $4 for it now. I don’t have much use for Insta-art photo filters generally but this one is very cool.

No not a smart watch but it does look cool!

Now published!


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Looks brilliant! Great work.

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It’s a lot like the H1 with nicer crown. Still don’t know why no one is making a smart watch like that now.

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Thanks @richard2!