[Watchface] Starburst Moonphase - slate

here’s another in this series that I believe now balances out the set. Each color should have both moon phase and tourbillon editions now published. Went out in the yard just now to take the picture of my Carlyle for the mock-up :slight_smile:


Awesome job again dude! Is it possible to get the formula of the rotation image of the moonphase please?
Anyway THNX!

thanks! I’m using this code which I found looking though discussions here in the forum. I’ve experimented with minor tweaks sometimes. I feel like this one needs slight adjustments at different time of the year, but all in all it seems pretty accurate:


it seems a bit complicated but I’ll try soon … how to orient the base image with the moons?

Not sure if I understand your question?

Depends on the orientation of the moon / stars original asset, I guess.

Orientation of the moons are vertical or horizontal in this method?

ah, that will depend on how the shade is positioned, but for this typical horizontal layout the moons are also horizontal. But you can always add +90 to the formula (or +/- whatever is needed) depending how you have it laid out. Be sure you use parenthesis when you do this.