[WatchFace] Stereo Tracker

What do you guys think of this audio interface style face?

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Love it! Super clean! Some of the type might be a tad small though? like the sunset/sunrise time and step counter.

Yeah, initially I had it even smaller at 8pt font. 10 is still small though. I plan on making a second version of this that may have less information, but easier to read.

Very cool indeed!

Looks great, nice touch on the buttons lighting up when “flipped”… also the LCD looks good…

Have you thought about making the text moving left to right (like when a song title is too long for the display?) … I guess that might throw off the layout.

Also, what’s the top button indicating? Everything else animates, just curious if it did anything or reflects any data.

It is current temp. The small brown for moves like a dial to the current temp.

Ahhh ok, thanks!