[WatchFace] Taki and Mitsuha (君の名は) ☄ by pacingpoet

No matter where you are in this world,
I swear I’ll find you again.
(Kimi no Na wa by Joy Kim)

Tags: Beloved Joy Kim Your Name Kimi no Na wa 君の名は 你的名字 三葉
Taki Mitsuha art watercolor anime love

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Thank you for pointing me to that music video and anime.
I really like your art style!

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You’re welcome and thanks, @Mellin!

It’s hard to find outside of Asia, but worth the effort to track down. :slight_smile:

Paramount has announced plans to make a live-action adaption, but I’m not sure how to feel about it. :worried:
Hollywood has a track record of botching anime adaptations, and Taki resembles someone that I used to know.

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Don’t even get me started on western adaptations.
They cannot even recreate their own animated series (hem…Avatar…hem).

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Btw - Sparkle is awesome, but Mitsuha’s Theme is actually my favorite from the OST:

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Sadly this video is unavailable in my country…
But by title, I found another one that worked, so thanks!

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Thanks for the alert. I should have known, since that video was provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group North America. Swapped it out!

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This anime sure plays hard to get! I finally found it over the holidays on Delta flights.

Incidentally, the appearance of this design was (slightly) disrupted by the introduction of custom Dim side font colors. The stroke effects have since been repaired. Apologies to my users for the inconvenience!