[WatchFace] TBA 05 - Warp Factor

Free release for Saturday. Can someone test it out? My watch is broke so I can see the final result.

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Have Frontier S3. Working. Only issues have had that took awhile to load. Also it reloaded when my watch woke up a couple times. Not sure where the issues lies. Everything looks and reads nicely. Animation for loading and running works nicely.

Anytime a new design loads with lots of animation it can take a couple of ‘wakes’ to load fully.

It looks great, slightly laggy on my watch but not to bad. It’s on my end though, I use a Samsung Gear Live and serious animations don’t run perfectly smooth. By the way, I like the colors, their the same colors I used on my last faces I posted.

On my Asus Zenwatch3 everything is working properly, Animation is loading and running fast and nicely.

Can´t sync anything on my Huawei Classic at the moment. Otherwise i would check it out. :frowning:

All good here @eradicator09. Huawei classic


which watch model do you have? I saw a post recently about a laggy design and it was related to the Stroke effect.

Samsung Gear Live model #SM-R382

FYI - the lag related to stroke effects on text layers has only been confirmed on Ticwatch so far. Other devices tested seem to work fine.

I looked up my watches specs but I’m not sure how they compare to other watches. With these type of animations, which I assume are frame by frame, be directly effected by CPU, GPU, or RAM? I’m not really sure how watches or facer process these types of things. This information would be good to know for future designs.