[Watchface] Technology

This is my latest design.

Now I can only wait for your opinions.


Interesting design - I like your choice of colours and the outer red tick marks add a nice extra element.

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Very neat, I wish I’d thought of that one. Its the best design of this layout i’ve seen. Was kind of what I was going for on my early Think Biker design but you’ve made a much better job of it. I’ve book marked this one for inspiration :slight_smile:

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I like the layout and your choice of palette , nicely executed design !

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Thanks @mikeoday and @dave6 for yours kind words.


Thank you @georges.nasr.ia

Nice work

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Love the design, it is really good.

Maybe I would choose another font, I am struggling to read that one.

Great Work

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hace you seen the result with 10K steps plus ?

On My Zen Watch 3, last night I had 19290 steps, and everything was good. Something looks bad?

The face is looking good.

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Just in the preview it looked like the text could be to long for where it is located, but if it looked good on your watch im sure its fine.

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My Congratulations! Very nice!

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Nice! I like the colors.

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Damn shame , why have you withdrawn it . Please put it back .

I’m sorry @johnypic, my mistake.
I changed the name of the watch to a shorter one.
Now it is active again.