Watchface that supports shortcuts to fav apps for gear S3 Frontier


is the facer capable of working with shortcuts to fav apps? None of the watchfaces I use is able to do that.

Is there any watchface you suggest that is doing that?

Hi @panspy, I would like to see that as an option as well. So far from what I have seen from Facer watch faces, none of them offer personalizing your favorite apps. I have tried Pujie Black (in Google play) as well, and they offer that option and you can even customize others watchfaces to suit your needs. Also, you can save faces from FaceRepo that others have posted. That said, I have switched back to Facer because there are certain features that Facer has that Pujie Black doesn’t…so, I guess it comes down to what you want more! Hopefully this is helpful.

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Hi @panspy @muddywaters!

Designers with Facer Creator Pro can create watch faces that include app launchers for a preset list of apps. They can also include WearOS complications which allow for setting an app launcher for any WearOS app installed on the watch.

It’s up to the designer to include these features into the watch faces they create on Facer - if you request that feature in the comment section of the watch face, I expect most will gladly update the face to match your needs!

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