[Watchface] The Ambassador special edition black & white

I had a thought while biking the other day of doing a black and white split dial watch face. I don’t know which thought came first, but somewhere along the line I was definitely thinking about the ubiquitous black and white cookie! As I was thinking it (the watch idea, not the cookie) I realized that the Ambassador layout was already close to what I was picturing in my head, so I decided to adapt this for a special edition. In the independent watch making world often a maker will, either on their own accord or for a bespoke commission, produce a one-off unique variation of one of their existing designs. These are often called “Piece Unique” because I guess it sounds more expensive than “one-off” :grin: In the fantasy world of B Sharp watches this would be a Piece Unique, but here in Facer world everyone can have one !

Features: Central time hands, 24hr dial, day/night wheel, date, moon phase, watch & phone power (watch is lower).

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WHOAAAAAAA :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

@safesz if that means you like it, thanks ! If not, then apologies to your eyeballs. :grin::eyes:

the black and white looks great!

Like it!!! Very!!! like a Jin-Jang thing! Awesome!