[ Watchface ] The Price is Right - Cliff Hangers

Yes, I’m bored at work today :slight_smile:

Two climbers marching their way endlessly to their death for your amusement.

One counts minutes, one counts seconds. Flag shows the next hour they’re climbing towards.

Dim mode shows the grisly results of your depraved voyeuristic endeavors.


Lol! I must have been a veeeeeeery boring day!

Fantastic!!! Why did you go with 2 guys over the traditional 1?

Originally, I had just one and then decided to try putting a red triangle on the yellow path to indicate the minutes but it wasn’t easily readable.

Mostly just adding to the design… I wasn’t happy with the watch just counting off seconds. So, it was a challenge to myself to find a way to add to the design without complicating it too much. I added the flag and changed the color of the 2nd climber and left it at that :smiley:

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