[WatchFace] The Wall Fan Watch

Hi all,

I’m glad to present my very first watchface … I measure the progress I have still to do !
Really love the Facer creator.

Thanks for your comments



Nice one! Congrats for your first watch!

Thanks @carlosfilippa. I think I found the idea for my second one :slight_smile:
… need to improve my knowledge in using the expressions/tags/etc. :disappointed_relieved:
Already found great posts in the forum.

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thanks @petr.patocka, @wyb1, @Orakix for your likes

You’re welcome, great job on your first face. There is definitely a lot to learn but you’re well on your way. Plus these forums are great for learning. If you have any questions please ask, we love to help out.

Really nice idea, i loved that album from Pink Floyd!

Greetings, GAUSS.

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Congratulations, great start!

Thanks for your encouragement @Orakix, @GAUSS and @oregon900.
I’m quite busy now with my second watch… My 6 years old daughter gave me a challenge for it !!!
I hope to be able to post it very soon.

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-LOVE- Pink Floyd, so this watch is a 'natch! A lovely implementation.

You might have missed a trick with the second hand though… I’d have had a circling flying pig :wink:

But seriously, very impressed. Well done.

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Thanks a lot @GDubyah !!!
Hahaha, i haven’t thought about the flying pig!
Nice idea, i will integrate it in the v1 :grin: