[ Watchface ] The Wheels On The Bus

Animated, day/night cycle, rotating posters every 10 seconds, subtle Facer advertisement :smiley:

PS - The song is now stuck in your head, isn’t it?


Great! Very very nice idea and well made!

But i would have passed the bus completly until he returns…



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I love! can you exten the bus animation so it starts behind teh poster and passes out of frame?

Yeah I’ll tweak it tomorrow so that the bus goes off screen.

There’s also a weird bug (for LG Sport watches, I think?) – I have a shape covering up the weather icon (since there’s no transparency field) but it’s showing always, instead of hiding every 10 seconds.

Thanks for the feedback!


Hopefully the bus isn’t moving too fast. Always hard to judge how things are within the editor vs on the watch.

Hidden fully behind the stop and goes off screen and disappears long enough that it looks somewhat normal :smiley:

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Far better.

Some suggestions:

I would add a distant skyline to the right for more depth and maybe a colour gradient in blue for daylight

Left Side could be good for a small Park.

The Size of the Time letters could cause a Problem. You should try out if they fit in every case.