[WatchFace] The Zombie Survivalist's Watch

I originally made a face called FPS HUD where I attempted to simulate the HUD from first-person shooters by incorporating battery life as HP and steps as XP. The screen would also progressively turn red and get bloody as the battery drained. I decided to take it a step further and add a zombie theme. In this version, the screen gets redder than in the original and the image of a zombie slowly emerges, along with the blood spatter, as the battery drains. The goal is to try to get 6,000 XP (steps) which gets your Level Progress to 100% (6,000/steps) before your HP (battery life) runs out. Not terribly deep or complicated, I know, but I think it makes walking and working toward my step goal more fun. Hopefully others will enjoy it too.


Ha brilliant, I love it! :grin: :skull_crossbones:

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