[WatchFace] Time and Space

My first WatchFace, it includes has a simple minimal design and includes a moon phase icon, steps, weather and HR.

also it has a nice dim mode.

hope you guys like it, and please leave constructive feedback that i can use on my next watchface.

I really like it, nicely done!

First off welcome to facing! I really like your first design.

If I were to give any feedback I’d say there is a lot of space available so I would make some of the fonts slightly bigger. Not to much because I think the fading stars are big part of the face and I wouldn’t want to take up to much of that area but I think the font may be harder to read on some of the smaller screens. Also maybe give the weather icon just a bit more room because its overlapping the date just a bit.

I think you did a great job though and I look forward to your next creation!

Thanks :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely work on that and get an update out soon :smiley:

Hello! Great start… :wink:


Try adding some sine based orbits …

I have enabled inspection, and I borrowed the basic design from Facer Official Planetary 2.0 (https://www.facer.io/user/yBofXw3wlp), which also has inspection enabled.

Nice one!

But @syntaxracing is right… the fonts are to small. Could be hard to read on the watch.


Phantasico aka GAUSS

Hey, I noticed that you made some changes when checking my feed. It’s looking much more clear and clean now. It’s looking good!