[Watchface] Timeout Blue

As I was putting together my “Blues” collection I realized I never published the blue variant of this one. So here it is! In place of conventional hands, mechanical wheels provide all the information in this “wandering jump hours” design.

Enjoy and be sure to follow B Sharp here on Facer and on Instagram:


Very nice!

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The Timeout watch face is one of my favorites of yours, I like the openworked best so far, but this one is also very nice.
Only 1 more to go!

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Russia @mikeoday and @ThaMattie ! Only one more Mattie? Don’t be so sure :grin: (open worked is my favorite too)

Good grief, Russia is one of the words that my auto correct always wants to replace “thanks” with. The others are tacos, ghettos, and my favorite, rabbis. That’s always a lovely way to sign off on a professional email, Rabbis!

Well at least 1 more that was teased :wink:

Nice one! When do you ever sleep?

lol, well because of Covid I haven’t had a gig since early March so my calendar is wide open. But with a young son to chase all day it’s almost harder to carve out productive time then in normal time! This one was already done weeks or months ago though, I just never published this blue edition.