[WatchFace] TIMESUP | Feminist themed watch face

★★★ TIMESUP DEMO version ★★★
TIMESUP is the first watch face inspired by the colors and icons of feminism and the women’s rights movement.
We, at Veertualia, believe in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes and support diversity, and inclusion.

The FULL version with no demo message, working complications and no need for the Facer app, is available on the Galaxy Store, only for Samsung watches. Just search for “TIMESUP”.

★★★ Like this design? Check out Veertualia on Galaxy Store or Google Play for more.

• 12 different background colors, including lesbian and transgender pride flags and 3 different background variations for every background color: plain, ethnic and optical, for a total of 36 different faces (Double tap on watch to change)
• Time
• Day window
• Day of week complication
• Month complication
• Weather status icon and temperature in CELSIUS degrees (FAHRENHEIT version is also on Galaxy Store)
• Gyro light effect on complications
• High color and low battery consumption watch face for Always On Display

Learn equality. Live equal.

We would love to know what you think.
Anti-feminists, please abstain. :rage:

Interesting. You advertise your watch faces from the galaxy store here on the facer platform? :slight_smile:

Funny method.


Does the Galaxy Store reciprocate by offering designs only available at Facer?

I’t just reciprocity, dear @GAUSS.
I can’t sell my watch faces here, since the partner program is an invitation only club. But, at the same time, Facer sells my creative contributions (and the ones of 20,000+ other designers) by advertising itself as “the largest community of creators (70,000+ WATCH FACES AVAILABLE)”.
Now, as a designer, you can even choose to pay a monthly fee just to be allowed to create more evolved watch faces. And, of course, give them away for free. :joy:
I’m good with it, as long as you just want to have fun by creating cool watch faces. But that’s not my case. If Facer would invite me into their partner program, I’d be happy to listen to their proposal. But, until then, I give away one demo watch face for free and in, exchange, Facer gives some more visibility to it. I think that’s only fair.

@Linlay, Samsung transparently accepts everyone into its commercial distribution seller program. You just need to sign up.
So, since you can sell your paid watch faces there, without the need to hope for a partner program approval invitation, why would you use that platform to tell your potential clients that you are giving away for free the very same watch face here on Facer? You wouldn’t, of course. :laughing:

If I could sell my watch faces on Facer, I would advertise them on the Galaxy Store, of course. In fact, I already do. When I publish watch faces that have a Wear OS version, I explain it in the Galaxy Store description. And I do the same on the Google Play store. Even if it’s not so important doing so, since users generally own either a Samsung smart watch or a Wear OS one. Rarely both. Unlike here.

However, since you are a well known and appreciated member of this community and seem to be very good at asking questions, why don’t you ask Facer why their revenue sharing terms are not public?
If I were a partner designer and I would sell a 1€ watch face, how much would they give to me? How much would they keep? Do you know? Does anybody? I don’t think so.

And, by the way: You are both off topic.

Ok, it’s off topic, but I’m curious…

You designed a really popular watchface a while ago which was free, but because you didn’t get an invite, you deleted your other designs (unless you decided to stop at 5 watches - sorry, just wondering)

Now, people who may have been legitimately interested in your designs (I particularly liked Lightbox) are now penalized because you removed functionality. Which you’re totally entitled to do as a designer, but it’s not going to particularly enamor potential paying customers, especially when free alternatives exist.

Again, your choice but as a business it’s a baffling decision. It’s about putting a good public face forward towards customers. Anyone can look at your post history and see 99% is filled with negativity and bitterness. And to an extent, I can understand, but why would Facer want to partner with someone who clearly has issues that could reflect poorly on them?

Anyways, the TOS states:

· Use the Services or Content, or any portion thereof, for any commercial purpose or for the benefit of any third party or in any manner not permitted by these Terms;

Which seems to be clearly against the rules you agreed to when you signed up to use their software. As a developer surely you can understand that’s a big no no.

I could see “Like this design? Check out Veertualia on Google Play for more” but direct links is just playing with fire.

Anyways, nice idea with the watchface. Good luck with Google.

[quote=“veertualia.team, post:4, topic:37434”]
why don’t you ask Facer why their revenue sharing terms are not public?
[/quote] I believe we’ve discussed this with you before. My answer remains the same:
In my opinion to ask that would be unprofessional and is between Facer and their partners.

By the way, you are the one who posted the design that specified Galaxy Store only. I have never seen such a request by anyone at Facer. We are attempting to obtain some clarification from you on that feature of your design.

When I applied, it was called premium designer program and it wasn’t an invitation only club.
Anybody could apply but the selection process lacked transparency. That’s why I protested (my 99% negative posts). Read them.

I never got an answer. To any of my questions. But now the program is invite only. Meaning, it does not exist anymore in the form that it used to have. Why is that?

Facer is free to kick me anytime. This discussion would simply emigrate elsewhere.
But you are right and I think your suggestions are fair. So I edited the watch face.

The day I will see Facer apply its own policies, copyright one included, I’ll be an enthusiast fan.

Oh, just one more thing…

I could never have published the full version of the LightBox watch face (the popular one you are referring to) even if I wanted. It has nine different backgrounds. I needed to be admitted into the premium program, before, in order to use the advanced features of the Facer creator.

Besides, as I’m sure you understand, I can’t give away here for free something I sell elsewhere. Either I can develop it with the same features of the, say, Play Store, or it has to be a demo. I wanted to sell it here. I couldn’t.

And that’s why I stopped publishing other free watch faces here, too.

It may be so today that the partner program is an invite only program.
I invite you, these are my terms. Do you agree to them? Yes / No. End.

But when anybody could apply, as I did, you were asked to contribute top level designs (three watch faces with 3000 syncs in the first month, each) and then just wait to see if you were accepted. Without knowing the terms in advance. Not to talk about the impossibility to see your position in the waiting line. If there was such a thing.

I’m glad to see they changed their approach, anyway. Before the change, you could access the more advanced features of the Facer creator only if you were admitted into the premium program. Now, at least, you can pay for them. :grin:

Anyway, I’m not interested in discussing the platform issues.

I’ve done it in the past, I hoped it would be useful, I appointed to several transparency issues (and I had my reasons), and even Facer admitted they could improve the process (here: How to become a Premium Designer and sell your watch face designs on Facer)

They did. Their way, of course, but that is their prerogative. I think they made one step in the correct (read: fair) direction. There are still issues about the presence of copyrighted material, but since I’m not publishing more full watch faces here for free, this is not much of my concern.

I think it would be fantastic to be able to participate in the life of this app but it seems that willing to sell your work here is too difficult. It’s a pity.

I’d like some kind of feedback about the TimesUp watch face, if you want. Should you be interested to see the full version, you know where to find it.

Live long, and prosper.