[WatchFace] TimEye

Black. White.
Something really minimalist and material.
No shadows, nothing realistic, nothing 3D.
This is not an “information rich” watchface.
Simply… two overlapping shapes. The eye of time.


very nice animation

this “simple” animation took me a lot of time, so I’m very happy you appreciate it! :slight_smile:
Thank you @mwebba2005

Great concept, love it! Animation is cool too… Nice work!

Thank you so much, @carlosfilippa! I greatly appreciated your comment, you have catched the “essence” of this watchface :blush:

Nice! Sometimes simple is best. That cutting information is great too!

Yee, thanks @roycaruso, this appreciation, received by you, is encouraging for me :wink:

:slight_smile: Keep it up!

Sure I will! :grin:

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