[WatchFace] TS200

Here’s my first attempt at a digital face. I’m not sure if I overdid it with some of the movement, I’m hoping there’s not much lag. Would really appreciate any feedback


Great job! Especially for your first digital design. Not too much animation so don’t worry. I just did a holo HUD dace that has a lot of animation and it can handle it just fine. Keep up the great work!

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It’s a really great watchface… color composition, nice subtle animation (specifically the outer ring)… good pace so it feels relaxing looking at the watch.

As far as lag goes, you should be safe.

The font could be a little hard to read, but I may just be too old :smiley: I think it’s fine for the style of the watch so that’s just my personal preference, feel free to ignore :slight_smile:


Thank you, yeah I agree and I struggled with the font a little. Was looking for something that felt futuristic that had a little more to it and settled on this. I may look at capitalising if others give similar feedback.

Animation and loading is fine on my gear S3. Could you make the typeset font a little larger on the battery% and other colors. Keep up the good work. Edited:::: opps just found the other colors. Sorry

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Hey, thanks for the feedback. I’ve upped the %'s and steps/HR by 1pt. I’d struggle to do much more without having to change layout. I’ve done it across all colours though, let me know if its any better. Cheers

Looks great! Love all your watch faces so far!


That helped a lot. BTW where did you find the forcast Icon, and what is the Tag for it? pls. and thanks.

I love the platform, you’ve done an awesome job. I’ll keep em coming!

I designed these weather icons myself, the tag is #WCCI# though - there’s a good article all about making weather icons work here: [Tutorial] How To Use #WCCI# and #WCCT#

Hi great watchface but after wearing for a couple of days I find the steps and heart rate digits too small, even using reading glasses it is a struggle to see them clearly, any chance you can create another face with bigger digits.

Hello, as I’ve had a few people mention size of font I’ve just tweaked the layout slightly which has allowed me to increase the font sizes of the HR, Steps and batteries a bit more (HR and steps has now been increased an additional 2pt’s). Hope this helps a little. Due to the space available this will be the biggest I’ll be able to get it now.

I’ll definitely be doing more designs in the future, though I won’t be repeating any designs with tweaked sizes.

All the best

I think it definitely helps! Nice watchface again!

Thanks A lot. Just what i needed. What i don’t understand, is, for each icon i use the tag of 01 - 50. It will chnge itself automatically? e.i. if i use just use 4 icons, sunny, partly cloudy, rainy, and snow. I would make 4 separate pictures with the 4 different tags? one on top of the other? and it would change between each. Thanks, and BTW your increase of font worked out well. Any chance you could Post a step by step tutorial on how this all works? Or even better a Video?
Any help would be appreciated. thanks. M.

Yeah, you’re pretty much there. I export my weather icons the exact same size and place them all in the exact same position on top of each other then just add the following tags on the opacity attribute (copy from the $ symbol):

50 - Mist: $#WCCI#==50?100:0$
13 - Snow: $#WCCI#==13?100:0$
11 - Thunder: $#WCCI#==11?100:0$
10 - Rain: $#WCCI#==10?100:0$
9 - Shower: $#WCCI#==09?100:0$
4 - Broken cloud: $#WCCI#==04?100:0$
3 - Scattered cloud: $#WCCI#==03?100:0$
2 - Cloud: $#WCCI#==02?100:0$
1 - Fair: $#WCCI#==01?100:0$

Then the face will automatically show the appropriate icon dependant on what weather the app is reading.

If you were to only use 4 different icons you’d still need to cover the additional weather possibilities otherwise no icon would show at all for those. The easiest way to do that though would to just duplicate those icons and change the tag until all options are covered.

Hope that all makes sense.

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Hi Tim,I duplicated each icon and tag and nothing would show up like you said. I guess I need to change the duplicated Tags? to a different transparency? Should i change the duplicated icons transparency to “0” I am using a .PNG called Black Outline if this helps. I am a weather inthusiest . I have 3 weather stations on my property. LOL. I am just trying to wrap my head around this coding.

Can you publish your watch face and allow inspect mode and I’ll take a look if you like?

I havn’t published anything… Let me try to. Thanks for your help

Tim, I published it under Markus. I think

I never really wanted to publish anything. Just my designs are very simple, easy to read. Kinda