[Watchface] Ultraminimal

Out now my last watchface Ultraminimal!
I’ll maybe upgrade it for a better look.
It’s a very minimal watchface but it takes a lot of work for me to make it cause I had to approximate the arctan function correctly to get that stretching line rotating nicely.
The inner circle shows hours and the outer one shows minutes.
Let me know wthat you think!
Can’t wait to get some suggestion to improve it :slight_smile:


Cool idea and well done on the maths !

One idea …

If you increase the size of the circles you could also superimpose digital figures for minutes and hours in the circles.

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Nice idea!
I’ll try and see how does it looks!
Thank you Mike, helpfull as always :slight_smile:

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Just updated with your suggestion and a better 3d look :slight_smile:
Thanks again


Just too darned cool. I love it.

Love it, great idea.

Thanks guys!
Glad you like it :slight_smile:

That really is very clever - well done!

Thank you!


I would add circles around the numbers because without anything expect the numbers… I don’t know, maybe that’s the look but for me, the numbers by themselves are not appealing. Add something.

There are already circles around numbers

Very nice!

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Hi @orz0, the maths in this is amazing, I’m particularly interested in how you managed the hour and minute display, would you be willing to share the code?

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To get the hour and minute numbers to rotate I used:
X (160+(sin(#DWFKS#/(180/pi)))*60)
Y (167.3-(cos(#DWFKS#/(180/pi)))*60)
X (160+(sin(#DWFMS#/(180/pi)))*120)
Y (167.3-(cos(#DWFMS#/(180/pi)))*120)

Hope it will be helpful
Cheers orz0

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Wow! Amazing idea. Looking forward to see how this develops.

Hi @orz0, thank you so much, I’m going to have a go with this I’ll share here, cheers Hayden

You are welcome :slight_smile: